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1. Pink is for pussies. Wear black, or wear nothing at all.

2. HOW Chyx do it anyway they want - you have a problem with that, skippy?

3. As a non-member male, if you really MUST address a member of HOW Chyx directly, do it on your knees. Make yourself useful.

4. Cabana Boys are like Lay's chips -- you can't have just one.

5. Design first, ask questions later.

6. Whitespace is God. Hex code makes angels sing.

7. There is never an excuse to use Comic Sans or Sand -- we will cut you if this cardinal rule is violated.

8. "Kern" makes a confusing safe word

9. Yes, I want you to get me a drink.

10. HOW Chyx always know when to leave 'em begging for more.

Email buttercup if you need me to draw you a picture.








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